Surgery is Scheduled

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We had Owen’s eye appointment bright and early this morning and they scheduled his surgery for Thursday, February 18.  We have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us with appointments and even a birthday party party thrown in there.  Owen has to be seen one more time by the eye surgeon as well as an appointment with his pediatrician.  Luckily we already had his 18 month check up scheduled for the 15th so it works out perfectly in regard to the timing.

Please keep our little man in your thoughts and prayers during this time.  But as the surgeon today said “It’s tougher on mom and dad than it is on the little ones.”  Owen is such a little champ and just goes with the flow so it definitely makes it easier.  Well, that is between biting anyway.

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  2. Good luck with everything and I’ll send positive thoughts your way to help you stay strong. Hopefully the recovery period will be very fast for Owen!

  3. We’ll be thinking of you and your family in the upcoming weeks!

  4. anie kohl says:

    Give qwen a HUG for me. Love to all GGRANNY

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