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Our Champs!

.Thank you to everyone who has called, emailed, text messaged us on a daily basis since Owen’s surgery.  It really means alot to know that so many of you are thinking about our little guy and have him in your prayers.  I wanted to let you all know that he is doing awesome!  He went […]

The Difference

.The difference between my awesome little boys is this….. Ryan is neat and clean.  Owen, well, not so much.  We know which kid takes after which parent.  Love you honey 🙂 And this photo deserved it’s own spotlight.  Going in for the good stuff!  You can’t say he didn’t enjoy it.  Regardless how messy he […]

Hours of Fun!

.Who knew that a rubbermaid bin that we use for toy storage could provide hours of fun for two little boys?! Warning… these photos were taken the day Owen had surgery so his eyes are pretty bloody in them.  I’ll try to spare you the really gross closeup ones. But as you can see from […]

Owen’s on the Mend

.He came through his surgery with flying colors.  It was a long day on Thursday, but he’s on the mend now and back to his spunky and happy go lucky self. If you know Owen or have read any of my previous posts, you know how much the kid likes food.  And how stubborn he […]

Owen’s Surgery Scheduled

.Owen’s eye muscle surgery will take place tomorrow morning, bright and early.  We need to be there at 8am and the surgery is scheduled for 9:30am.  They say it should take an hour or so, but like the surgeon said, “the surgery will take as long as it takes for us to get his eyes […]

Do We Like the Cold?

.When the weather is cold in Atlanta everyone (and I mean everyone) will make comments like these: “You’re from MN/WI.  You must love this cold weather!” “I bet you love this snow!” “Doesn’t this cold weather make you miss MN/WI?” “I bet you enjoy winter weather like this!” My responses are typically something like this: […]

Computer Work

.Over the weekend, daddy captured the three of us putting in some early morning hours working.  Otherwise known as mommy catching up on blog posts; Ryan playing ABC games; and Owen?  Well Owen was using the memory game box as his ‘puter. After some working we moved on to a little GeoTrax fun.  Daddy, Ryan […]

Lollipop Love

.Lollipop love and a few tears from Ryan.  I’m not sure why he was crying.  I don’t think he knew why he was crying.  So I took pictures.  Mom of the year award coming my way…. I know, I know.  But seriously. Crying when presented with a lollipop? Owen just sat there watching Ryan cry […]

Happy Valentine's Day!

.Love is in the air in the Yahres household!  So is sugar.  Any hyper, bouncy kids.  And it’s only 7:30am. Yep, you heard correctly that I gave the boys sugar at 7:30am.  And this is the second day this week this has happened.  The first day was earlier in the week when mommy told Ryan […]

Are We In MN? WI? CO?

. Nope, we are in Georgia!  You would never believe it with all the snow we have on the ground and how winter-like it is out there today.  The snow that started around 1:30pm on Friday was coming down in huge wet flakes and it instantly coated the trees and ground.  It was so beautiful […]

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