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I’d like to think that my organization and nagging has finally rubbed off onto Jim.  He decided a few weeks ago to build a desk that would match the desk in our office.  Well, by match, I mean they have the same style.  The new desk will be finished black and the old desk is still waiting for a stripping, sanding and new finish.  I’m not holding my breath.

Back to the new desk….

Jim decided to build a new desk in order to better organize his books and resources.  Plus he has two computers with two monitors and an external keyboard.  And lets not even get into his beloved track ball (which I am not a fan of…LOL!).  Whatever will better organize him is all good in my book.

The desk has turned out great.  The style does perfectly match the desk already there so that is key in my book.  Now it’s just waiting on a finish and I’m hoping that will be done soon.  Ahem!  Hint, hint for my wonderful husband who hopefully is reading this post.

If you want to know the specific joints and materials used, you’ll need to contact the expert at jyahres@comcast.net. I’m not going to pretend to know and/or describe the construction of this piece of furniture.  Although I will say, that he has proven himself to be able to make all the other visions I have in my head for new storage options.  An art center…. a wall unit / entertainment center for the toy room… some bench seating in the living room… a new dog crate… oh wait, we’ve already attempted that last one and it turned into the desk you see above!  I probably shouldn’t go there though because someone (ahem… Jim) will not be happy with me.  Love you hon!

Do you need something custom built for your storage needs?  Need a new desk?  Send Jim an email and he’d be happy to help!  There I go selling his furniture again before it’s even finished.  Remember when I kept selling the under-the-window  toy storage shelves?

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  1. Looks Wonderful! But what about the hidden storage Jim?!?

  2. That’s very impressive! When did he find the time to build a desk?? I think you two must have more than 24 hours in a day with everything you manage to get done. 🙂

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