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It’s been a busy week around our house.  My cousin Cathy came to Atlanta for a visit so we were on the go most every day.  The boys have loved having her around since she gets right down on the floor and plays with them; builds lego towers and reads to them.  Even Owen (who doesn’t make friendly with anyone) has also taken a liking to her and will climb right into her lap.

Ms. Cathy even pulled a container of bubbles out of her purse one afternoon and started blowing tiny bubbles all over the toy room.  Seriously!  What fun for Ryan and Owen and of course for Ms. Cathy too!

Popping more bubbles!

Owen blowing bubbles

Ms. Cathy & Owen

Bubbles, bubbles & more bubbles!


Owen blowing bubbles

Popping bubbles!

Ryan popping bubbles!

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