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Thank you to everyone for all of your phone calls, emails and text messages to check on us and how the week was continuing.  Even though the week was a rough one (and did continue on that path), we were all in pretty good moods and taking it all as it came.  It just seemed that it was one thing after another after another that kept us on our toes.  But again, things could have been worse and I know that.  We’ve had THOSE weeks.  Remember this one just a few months or so ago and how it continued with this one?

Yes, I am fully aware that this past week could have been worse.

It actually became a little humorous with all the craziness that kept coming up.  After our goose egg to the head incident, I thought it was improving.  But then it snowed in Atlanta on Friday and the city basically shut down.  The entire area was coated in ice and the roads were snow covered (by just a 1/4 of an inch or so), but on top of the ice it made for a bad situation when the city isn’t prepared like Minneapolis, Denver or Superior.

So even though I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts from my northern friends and hearing about the ridiculous amounts of snow they have had; the sub zero temperatures; and the crazy driving conditions, those areas are prepared for that weather.  Roads are plowed and sanded before work hours and everyone owns clothing that will keep them warm in temperatures below zero.

That’s not necessarily the case here in Atlanta.  People were having a hard time getting down the hill outside of our neighborhood because it was completely covered in ice and cars were slipping and sliding all over.  Atlanta folks don’t know how to drive on ice; they don’t need to very often.  While we “own” hats, mittens and scarves, we are not prepared with snowsuits, boots and big, heavy, thick winter jackets.  The temperatures here have been in the teens and 20’s and for Atlanta, that is cold!

I know, I know.  Teens and 20’s sound good to some of you reading this blog post right now, but again, we don’t typically get weather like that so it’s a shock to the system.

So the crazy week continued with all the weather on Friday and daycare being closed.  Yep.  Closed.  So I had to figure out how to occupy two active boys for two different conference calls AND still get my long list of to-do’s done for work that day.  It was a challenge, but one that went better than I could have hoped for.

We’ve had a constant fire in the fireplace for about a week now and I love it.  I finally took down the Christmas decorations this weekend too.  That made me very, VERY sad because I absolutely loved our Christmas tree this year.  I don’t know why I liked it so much more than past years, but I absolutely loved the house this Christmas.  We all did.  Ryan would tell me everyday when I would turn the lights on the tree “Oh, momma.  The Kiss-mis tree is beautiful!” and I would always respond with “Yes, Ryan.  It is.  It is absolutely beautiful.”

I can’t believe we’ve only been back to work for a week after our holiday break.  It really seems more like 3 weeks.  I haven’t even updated on Owen’s last eye appointment which was several weeks ago already.  It’s been determined that he will need eye muscle surgery.  No other options.  I had a great conversation with his eye doctor (that we like!) and surgery will be scheduled at his next appointment.  In case you aren’t up to date on what has been going on the story starts here and continues here and here and here and here.

At this last appointment, Dr. Levine explained how they wanted to build Owen’s case to be absolutely sure that this was the best route to take.  He said they needed for Owen’s eyes to become stable and to be more consistent with each other. He said that he’s doing great in his progress and what they were wanting from the results of this monitor and case building stage.  Of course, great is relevant to the situation because surgery is not a “great” end result, but we will do what is best for Owen and best for his situation.  We have not taken any of this lightly and I have spent many countless days and nights stressed over the whole situation.  Again, we are ever so thankful that his MRI was clear and that his pediatrician gave him a clean bill of health in the neurological area too.  This to me is all far more important than anything else could be.

His next eye appointment will be the first week of February and we will be meeting with his surgeon to discuss the actual surgery including pre and post as well.  We will also be moving forward with scheduling the surgery and from what I’ve been told it’s approximately 4 weeks after this next appointment.  So, it’s looking like it will be late February or early March so please keep our handsome, funny little man in your thoughts and prayers.  He truly is a gift and makes us all laugh and smile with the funny personality he is developing.  He is awesome.

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  1. It is harder to deal with the cold/ice/snow if the city isn’t prepared to handle it. Hopefully some of it is melting by now! We will keep Owen in our thoughts!!

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