I've Had Better Nights….

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….although I’ve had worse times too.  Remember this day?  Well today wasn’t as bad as that day, but it’s been building over the last few days.

Daddy has been working nonstop since we got home from vacation.  I won’t get into the details of this because it’s not by choice and neither daddy nor I are enjoying this situation.

But that does set the tone for me being a little more tired and a little more stressed lately.  So me having to go back to work on Monday after more than two weeks off wasn’t something I was looking forward to.  But my vacation had come to an end and we were back into routine.

I drop the boys off and head for my awesome commute to Buckhead.  If you know Atlanta traffic, you’ll understand there is nothing awesome about commuting in this city.  I digress…

I arrive at work and by 11am my cell phone rings.  It’s Woodchase Academy.  If you are a parent with kids in daycare, I’m sure you feel the same way when you realize school is calling.  Great.  Who is sick?  Who got hurt?  What do I need to rearrange in my schedule to be able to go pick up one or both boys?

Nope.  Neither of the boys were sick.  Nope.  Neither was hurt.  Good and good.  So why are you calling?  Oh…. yes.  Our sweet, sweet O-wee as everyone likes to call him bit not one, but TWO kids in his class.  Really?!  It’s not even 11am and he bit TWO kids already?!  He got one in the shoulder and another poor, poor little girl on the cheek.  Ugh.

Tuesday my cell phone rings at 9am.  Are you kidding me?!?!?  But this time it wasn’t Owen biting.  Thank goodness.  Nope, not Owen.  I got a phone call because I forgot to bring diapers and Owen was out of them completely.  I’ll admit they did write it down on Owen’s report sheet on December 17, but we hadn’t been to school for two weeks so I forgot.  And yes, they did write ON his diaper on Monday that it was his last diaper and he was completely out.  I thought that was cute and actually laughed when I went to change him and I noticed the note in sharpee marker.   But if you’re a mom you can understand how easy it is to become distracted and forget all about the diapers in an instance.

So I didn’t bring any in on Tuesday and now I was getting a phone call from school.  From the owner none-the-less.  Momma’s in trouble.

Today appeared to be pretty normal/mellow.  But that changed.  First I receive the phone call from Jim mid afternoon that stated he wouldn’t be home from work (AGAIN!) until late.  That left dinner, baths and night time routine to me alone again.  Awesome.

Then I get to school to pick the boys up and Owen is crying and snuggling with his teacher.  Apparently, he started getting crabby around 4pm and go figure – bit another kid.  Awesome.  He did it and then tried to sneak away from the kid when he started crying.  The teachers knew the two were playing together when the kid started crying so they knew that Owen was the one who bit.  However, by the time they got to the little boy Owen was across the room as if he didn’t do anything.  Nice escape O-wee.  Nice try.  Still busted though.

It got worse when we got to Ryan’s room.  He was so excited to see me and Owen that he ran full speed toward us, tripped on the leg of a table and literally flew into the bookcase.  He smacked his forever on the bookshelf and you could hear how hard he hit it.  His head instantly swelled and turned purple.  It was a vertical line from his eye brow to his hair line about the width of your thumb.  It was huge and he was screaming so hard he could hardly breathe.

After much snuggling, some ice and alot of comforting we were ready to head home.  Seriously, it was about 30 minutes later.  As we were driving home it was swelling more so of course I called the CHoA nurse line.  After answering many questions it was determined that we just needed to watch him for any changes.  The nurse said that if he had to hit his head someplace this is the best place to do so.  But she also said that because there is no place for the blood to drain it will probably look like he was punched in the eyes because the blood that pooled under his skin will move around to be absorbed.  Interesting.

By this point it was almost 6:30pm which is an hour after we normally eat and both kids were crying.  I made instant Mac & Cheese and called it good for dinner.  I seriously didn’t even have time to make “real” Mac & Cheese from the blue box.  Ha!

So after a quick bath and a LONG bedtime routine tonight (I was too tired to argue so I read all 14 books that the boys requested) they are now in bed.  Jim is still not home.  Delta is curled up in front of the fireplace in order to stay warm and I’m ready for bed.

Here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow.  No phone calls from Woodchase, no boo-boos and Jim to come home on time.  A girl can dream right?

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  2. Oh boy, you did have a rough week. I hope everything got better as the week went one…and you were able to relax some this weekend!

  3. Misery loves company right? While I didn’t recieve any phone calls from daycare.. I can relate a bit. Chad has been in FL for work since Saturday. Amidst a few odd and ends of crazy things with work and the kids..tonight ended with Sydney peeing in her room on the carpet and her bed… They were goofing around instead of going to bed. Lovely! Hang in there mama! I should be cleaning..but I’m going to bed! LOL!

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