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So Unlike Owen!

.For those of you that know Owen, you know that it takes him awhile to warm up to other people.  He loves his teachers and his friends at school and just about anyone else… from a distance.  But if you get in his “personal space” he is not a happy camper.  He’s not a big […]

Meet My Little Tiger!

.Tonight Ryan had a McDonald’s birthday party for one of his Woodchase Academy classmates, Jahlon.  They had face painting and even a special guest appearance by Dora and Boots.  It was so much fun!  All of the kids had a ball and they laughed and giggled and ran around for 3 hours.  They were pretty […]

Our *Almost* Finished Desk

.I’d like to think that my organization and nagging has finally rubbed off onto Jim.  He decided a few weeks ago to build a desk that would match the desk in our office.  Well, by match, I mean they have the same style.  The new desk will be finished black and the old desk is […]


.It’s been a busy week around our house.  My cousin Cathy came to Atlanta for a visit so we were on the go most every day.  The boys have loved having her around since she gets right down on the floor and plays with them; builds lego towers and reads to them.  Even Owen (who […]

Busy Times!

.It’s been ridiculously busy around our household the last few weeks.  I am not sure what all has been keeping us this busy, but I feel like the days are flying by and we haven’t had time to think.  And I even realized yesterday that it was the first day we had taken photos since […]

Update on Our Week

.Thank you to everyone for all of your phone calls, emails and text messages to check on us and how the week was continuing.  Even though the week was a rough one (and did continue on that path), we were all in pretty good moods and taking it all as it came.  It just seemed […]

I've Had Better Nights….

.….although I’ve had worse times too.  Remember this day?  Well today wasn’t as bad as that day, but it’s been building over the last few days. Daddy has been working nonstop since we got home from vacation.  I won’t get into the details of this because it’s not by choice and neither daddy nor I […]

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