Our Atlanta Christmas

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Since we were on the ship-boat for Christmas and couldn’t bring the kitchen with us that Grandma Marge & Grandpa Sandy got the boys for Christmas we had some holiday celebrating to do when we returned from vacation.  Ryan and Santa had a few discussions about a small Christmas on the ship-boat, but then Santa agreed to make a special stop at our house on another day after Christmas.

Ryan could not wait!  We talked about it non-stop and we had many discussions about Santa coming down the fireplace to bring presents for good boys & girls.  Owen learned to say HO-HO-HO every time he would even hear the mention of Santa’s name.  Ryan would run to the fireplace and say “You hear that?!  Santa say Ho-Ho-Ho!  He hears us!”

Waiting for Santa to come down the chimney

Owen snuggling into mommy afraid of Santa

Ryan leaving brownies & milk for Santa

So on Tuesday evening (December 29) we prepared for Santa’s visit.  We set out brownies and milk and talked to Santa through the fireplace.  Owen was a little scared when he’d hear the Ho-Ho-Ho echo back at him and snuggled tightly into mommy.

And it was off to bed for our little monkeys in the hopes that St. Nick soon would be here.

Not long after that we heard some crying and wimpering coming from Ryan’s room so I went to scope out what the trouble was.  I walk in his room and big tears were coming down Ryan’s cheek.

Mommy:  “Ryan?  What’s wrong honey?”
Ryan:  “I’m scared.”
Mommy:  “Why are you scared?”
Ryan:  “Santa coming into my house tonight and I’m scared.”
Mommy:  “But Santa’s not scary.  Remember when you told Owen that he wasn’t scary.  Santa is nice.”
Ryan (wiping away the tears):  “Oh yes.  Santa not scary.”

Such a sweet little kid.  He was so concerned about Santa coming into our house when he was sleeping.  That of course changed by the next morning when he realized what Santa did while at our house!

In the morning I brought up the empty plate of brownies and empty glass of milk and showed it to Ryan.

Mommy:  “Morning Ryan!  Look!  The brownies and milk are all gone!”
Ryan: “Delta eat it?”
Mommy:  “No, guess again.”
Ryan (with a growing smile on his face): “Santa did it?  Santa eat it?”
Mommy:  “Yep!  Lets go see what else Santa did.”

Our Christmas

Ryan and Owen both ran out and looked down from the landing and started jumping up and down and screaming!!  It was awesome!  Their faces just lit up and they couldn’t wait to get downstairs to see everything.

Owen with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


Daddy & Owen opening presents

Ryan Loved Christmas this year!

Ryan checking out his new Cars toy


Owen smirking

Ryan playing with their new kitchen

Opening books

We had such a great morning just hanging out with the boys, drinking coffee and playing with the new toys.

Dad-dad Jim & Grandmom Janice came by to spend the day with us which was a blast.  The boys loved having them here (we did too!). And we opened even more presents!

Opening more presents!

Ryan opening presents from dad-dad & grandmom

Owen opening presents

We had a nice Christmas Day lunch of ham, potatoes, green bean casserole, homemade cream corn and homemade cranberries (Owen’s favorite remember?).  Owen napped after lunch (and so did dad-dad).


Ryan enjoyed some alone time with the adults and was very well behaved considered we let him skip nap.  We played games (got a little competitive!) and built with legos and just had a plain ol’ good time.

What a great Christmas.  We truly are blessed.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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  1. I love the kitchen set! Do they play with that all the time??


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