Owen Gives Santa the Evil Eye

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Owen didn’t get the memo that you need to be nice to Santa if you want presents for Christmas.  Our first Santa trip to Lenox he screamed (remember?) and the second visit was at the Santa brunch at the Clubhouse (I’ll post those pictures soon!) and tonight he had a quick visit with Santa at the Woodchase Academy Holiday program.

After grabbing the candy cane he screamed when forced to sit on Santa’s lap (watch Santa’s facial expression – priceless!).  And then when Santa leans over to talk to Owen, watch the evil eyes Owen gives to Santa Claus.  It makes me laugh every single time I watch this video.  And I have watched it probably 20 times tonight because it’s so darn funny.

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  1. That definitely was the evil eye…! Next year he’ll probably love Santa. 🙂

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