Delta's New Christmas Present

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I’m not sure this is what she wanted from Santa, but this is what she got.  She developed a rash on her belly and because she is a little OCD she wouldn’t stop licking it.  And therefore, the area was getting bigger and was becoming infected.  They think it developed from her allergies.  Yep, our OCD dog has allergies too.

Really Pitiful Delta

Delta Watching the Boys Playing

Delta Enjoying the Fire

They wanted to put her on a special diet with special dog food that would need to be special ordered.  Yep, for our special dog.

When I said we have a 3 year old and a 16 month old the vet said the diet isn’t condusive to our lifestyle and not to bother right now.  With the special diet, our special dog would not be able to eat ANYTHING other than her special dog food (with the exception of some raw carrots and fruit).  And since Owen has taken a special interest in feeding every last morsel to Delta, we agreed that this wasn’t the time to try this diet.

So instead we will continue to monitor her and will try some other brands of food that may help with her allergies.  We have maintenance medicine for her continuous ear infections (which are also from her allergies) and we now have allergy spray if she develops another rash.  Oh, and she’s also on benadryl and Pepcid AC for her tummy issues (related to allergies as well).

Pitiful Delta

Yep, she’s our special dog with a lot of special needs.  Oh, and she also gained 11 pounds since her visit last year.  I would like to attribute that entire weight gain to the little boy (I won’t mentioned names) that was born last year and since started eating real people food.  One bite for O-wee, one bite for Delta.  Oops!  I said I wouldn’t mention names….

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