Santa Not Scary!

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Yes, this is what Ryan keeps telling Owen every time we talk about Santa and Christmas.

Ryan (with his head tilted and speaking in a sweet soft voice):  “O-wee, Santa not scary.  It’s o-tay. You no cry.” And then he gives Owen a little hug to reassure him.  Owen smiles and loves the extra attention from big brother.  He doesn’t know or care what Ryan is saying to him.

And this conversation would be because Owen screamed when we went to visit Santa the other night.

Owen Is Not Real Thrilled With This Plan!

Ryan on the other hand absolutely LOVED Santa.  He thought it was the real deal and that Santa really was watching him.

Is He the Real Deal?

Santa Asking Ryan What He Wants For Christmas....

Santa Hugging Ryan

What a change from last year when Owen absolutely loved Santa and Ryan screamed!  Remember this?

When we decided that we were going to go see Santa we started talking about the whole “process” as soon as we woke up that morning in order to “prep” the boys for this fun family tradition.  I figured there would be tears, but I wasn’t sure who they would be coming from.  For awhile I thought maybe mommy because getting two boys dressed up and keeping them clean and fed and hydrated and happy and getting to the mall and waiting in a long line where they have to sit or stand and be still and patient is no easy task.  But they were both awesome throughout the whole thing.

While waiting in line both boys were extremely intrigued with Santa.  Ryan kept waving to him and then would get so excited when Santa would wave back.

Peeking at Santa....

The Boys Waiting Their Turn

Ryan (waving to Santa):  “He wave to me mommy!  He see me!  Santa is watching me! See?  He IS watching me.  I’m good right now!”

Yes, he had to keep saying he was “good right now” because that “goodness” doesn’t always last.  And when he’s naughty and I try to tell him that Santa is watching him I receive this response:

Ryan (tilting his hug, shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head):  “Nope.  No mommy.  Santa not watching me right now.  Nope.”

I know I say it all the time, but I love this kid.  He seriously cracks me up with his personality and reasoning skills.

By the time we made it through the 45-60 minute Santa line, both boys were so excited they were jumping up and down.  Owen was waving to Santa at this point and saying “Hi.  Ball.  Ball.  Hi.”  Can you tell we had prompted him all throughout the day and asked him over and over what he was going to tell Santa he wanted for Christmas?  He had it down pat at this point.  “Ball.  Ball.  Ball.”  over and over again.

Waving to Santa

Now it was our turn to see Santa.  Santa waved us over and Ryan ran right over and jumped up on his lap and started talking to him.

Ryan Giving Santa a High Five! Owen is Holding Back....
Owen.  Well, Owen not so much.  He started to run over and then quickly realized that he wasn’t prepared for this little family tradition.  He stopped in his tracks and turned around to go back into the line.  I tried to get him to sit on Santa’s lap and he screamed.  I even gave him a candy cane and he kept screaming.  He did of course try to eat the candy cane WHILE screaming, but screamed none-the-less.

Owen Is Definitely Not Thrilled!

When Santa gave Ryan his candy cane Ryan exclaimed “Oh Santa.  Candy canes are my FAVORITE!.  Tank too (thank you)!”

Santa kind of looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders and said “I have no idea, he’s never even had a candy cane before” and Santa just laughed.  This of course made Ryan smile even bigger since he made Santa laugh.

Daddy did manage to get a photo without too terrified of a look on Owen’s face so all was good. Poor daddy had the tough job of capturing the moment on film!  No small task to get two kids AND Santa to look at the camera, let alone smile and show no tears.  Good job daddy!

And then we were off for a bite to eat and the Pink Pig!  They loved riding on the Pink Pig this year despite the freezing cold temps (it’s outside in a covered tent).  Brrrrr……

Pink Pig at Macy's

Mommy, Ryan & Owen on the Pink Pig

All in all a great, fun family night.  I love this annual tradition with the boys and it was so fun this year since both could understand it more and enjoy it.

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  1. What fun! We have Ava’s 18-month photos this Saturday at Southdale, and if the line isn’t too long, we’re going to see if Ava wants to meet Santa. I’m impressed that everything went so well, especially with both kids!!


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