Happy Birthday Party Day Ryan!

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Well, the day finally came for Ryan’s Curious George Tumblebus birthday party.  And boy was he excited!  He jumped out of bed in the morning, got dressed (in a Curious George shirt of course!), helped clean the house and get ready for his party.  He even set the tables with forks and spoons several times.  And the reason he needed to do it several times was because mommy kept picking them up and putting them away since we weren’t technically setting the table.  And each time mommy picked them up, Ryan would notice and say “Oh no!  I need to set the table AGAIN!”  And so it went on….

As his friends started arriving, Ryan greeted each person at the door with an excited scream and exclamation of “Yook!  Vincent’s here!”  or “Yook!  Jamison here! My friends are all coming to MY birfday party!”

The tumblebus was a huge success for not only the kids, but the adults as well.  We loaded the kids onto the bus with the teachers and the adults were able to come back into the warm cozy house to enjoy adult conversation, hot cocoa, apple cider and coffee.  What a great morning!

The kids had a little awards ceremony on the bus and each kid got a medal and everyone clapped for them.  They were all so proud.

Once the kids finished on the tumblebus we sang Happy Birthday to Ryan and let me tell you… Ryan enjoyed every minute of the special attention.

The frosted donuts were a big success and had hardly any sugar in them.  I mean, how much sugar can really be in glazed Krispie Kreme donuts with additional frosting and sprinkles on them?!

When everyone started to leave Ryan gave his friends hugs goodbye and thanked them for coming to his birfday party.  Seriously, when did this kid grow up?!  What a great kid.  It was a great party, everyone was very well behaved and had a great time.

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