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Our Atlanta Christmas

.Since we were on the ship-boat for Christmas and couldn’t bring the kitchen with us that Grandma Marge & Grandpa Sandy got the boys for Christmas we had some holiday celebrating to do when we returned from vacation.  Ryan and Santa had a few discussions about a small Christmas on the ship-boat, but then Santa […]

Christmas Cruise 2009

.I know everyone has been waiting for our Christmas Cruise post and photos, but we have so much to talk about and so many photos to share that I’ve been struggling with the best way to organize it all.  I’m not sure I have a plan yet, but here goes nothing anyway.  I think I’ll […]

Happy 3rd Birthday Ryan James!

.Where have the last 3 years gone? I can’t believe how much has changed since that day 3 years ago when YOU decided it was time to arrive a little early.  A whole 5 weeks early to be exact.  Nothing like having a mind of your own right from the start.  Daddy had left the […]

Owen Gives Santa the Evil Eye

.Owen didn’t get the memo that you need to be nice to Santa if you want presents for Christmas.  Our first Santa trip to Lenox he screamed (remember?) and the second visit was at the Santa brunch at the Clubhouse (I’ll post those pictures soon!) and tonight he had a quick visit with Santa at […]

Woodchase Holiday Program

.Ryan was so excited for tonight.  The night where he got to sing for all the parents in his class.  He has been talking about it for weeks and practicing over and over again. Well the night finally arrived and he was ecstatic.  Slightly naughty and not a very good listener, but none-the-less, he was […]

Delta's New Christmas Present

.I’m not sure this is what she wanted from Santa, but this is what she got.  She developed a rash on her belly and because she is a little OCD she wouldn’t stop licking it.  And therefore, the area was getting bigger and was becoming infected.  They think it developed from her allergies.  Yep, our […]

Santa Not Scary!

.Yes, this is what Ryan keeps telling Owen every time we talk about Santa and Christmas. Ryan (with his head tilted and speaking in a sweet soft voice):  “O-wee, Santa not scary.  It’s o-tay. You no cry.” And then he gives Owen a little hug to reassure him.  Owen smiles and loves the extra attention […]

Happy Birthday Party Day Ryan!

.Well, the day finally came for Ryan’s Curious George Tumblebus birthday party.  And boy was he excited!  He jumped out of bed in the morning, got dressed (in a Curious George shirt of course!), helped clean the house and get ready for his party.  He even set the tables with forks and spoons several times.  […]

Quite the Imagination

.I love Ryan’s imagination.  He can come up with the most interesting games and has the funniest conversations with the Little People and Lego men while he plays.  Well the other day as we were decorating for Christmas, Ryan REALLY wanted to play with the train tracks around the tree.  And since he was told […]

Days of the Week

.I know I say it all the time.  “Boy do I wish it was Saturday!”  Well it appears that Ryan wishes it was Saturday quicker too.  In fact, he flat out skipped Thursday and Friday while singing his “days of the week” song that he LOVES to sing ALL THE TIME! He’s so darn cute.

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