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I know our cruise is 3 weeks away, but I started to panic today that the next 3 weeks is going to fly by.  And so I started to pack already.  Since we aren’t using our shorts, tshirts, flipflops and swim suits right now, I figured why not pack them?!

Plus I wasn’t sure what sizes we had for each of the boys and if we’d need to purchase anything for the trip.  I didn’t want to wait until the last minute and then I’d really be in a panic.  And as it turns out I do need to make a few purchases for items in the correct size.

I am determined to pack everything into 3 suitcases for this trip.  For one, it’s expensive to check all the bags to/from since the airlines charge for everything now adays.  Plus with two kids, a stroller, a camera bag and a carry on bag with toys to keep the boys occupied on the (short) flight I wasn’t sure how we would manage anything more than 3 suitcases.  Honestly I am not sure how we’ll manage 3 and I was determined to fit it all into 2 suitcases, but Jim convinced me that was just plain unreasonable.  Especially since the last cruise we took we had FOUR suitcases and it was just him and me and no kiddos.  LOL!  I would have fit it all into 2, but with the Christmas stuff I’m bringing, I just couldn’t make it work.  Three is it though.  I refuse to pack anything more than that.

The next three weeks are going to fly.  We have Ryan’s birthday party this coming weekend and our annual neighborhood Santa brunch next weekend.  And then the following Saturday – WE LEAVE!  Bring on the sun, beaches and the “ship boat!”  We cannot wait!

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  1. Good planning to start packing now…there’s nothing worse than waiting until the last minute and realizing you don’t have everything you need. You’re right, the next 3 weeks are going to fly by!

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