Oh My Goodness!

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So lately Ryan has been saying “Oh my God!” alot.  I’m not sure where this came from because I don’t think Jim nor I say it (I’ve been paying extra attention over the last few days).  But Ryan has picked it up from somewhere and uses this statement a lot lately.

Jim and I always correct him and say “Ryan, we don’t say that.  We say Oh My Goodness! instead.” And then Ryan will repeat and say “Oh my goodness!”

Well now, Ryan definitely knows that he’s not supposed to say that so the conversation now goes like this:

Ryan:  “Oh my goodness!  See daddy!  I no say Oh my God.  I say Oh my goodness.  See, I good.”
Daddy:  “Well Ryan, you said it though.  We don’t even say that just to say we didn’t say it.”
Ryan:  “But I didn’t daddy.  I DIDN’T say oh my God.  I say oh my goodness.  Not oh my God.”

Aaaaahhhh…. reasoning with an almost 3 year old.  It’s so fun.

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