Thanksgiving Number 2

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Ryan invited mommy and daddy to have lunch with him at Woodchase Academy on Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving.  The whole class decorated the room and made special gifts for the parents.  Ms. April did an awesome job and the kids were so excited to have their parents be part of their Thanksgiving lunch.  It’s the only class that has a parents luncheon and what fun it was!  There were 11 kids in class on Wednesday and every single kid had at least one parent present.  Most had both parents and even a sibling or two.

Senior Toddler B Thanksgiving Luncheon

Ryan & Mommy

Ryan & Daddy

The kids went around the room and said what they were thankful for.  Ryan of course was thankful for “O-wee”.  Not mommy or daddy like most of the other kids, but rather “O-wee”.  It was quite alright with me though!  I love how close these two boys are with each other.  They constantly look out for one another and always have to be near each other.  Whenever Ryan gets a snack or drink or toy for himself, he always makes sure he gets one for Owen too.

I am hopeful this closeness and bond they share never changes.  They will have their moments I’m sure, but I hope they remain just as close as they are today!

PS – My Thanksgiving Number 1 was our annual Thanksgiving luncheon at Meeting Expectations!  It was so yummy!

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