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Daddy got the bath ready tonight and boy were there bubbles!  Bubbles were practically overflowing out of the tub there were so many.  And the squeals that came from the boys were confirmation that daddy was awesome!  They laughed and played and splashed tonight with NO toys in the tub.  Ryan did ask for some, but when we explained that the toys would get lost in all the bubbles he seemed ok with that explanation.  And they both went back to laughing and squealing and giggling like only brothers do.

Ryan Laughing At All the Bubbles

Bubbles Everywhere!

My Brother Is Funny!

What's On My Head?!

Brotherly Laughs!

Funny O-wee!

Ryan Being Silly!

PS – Please bear with me as I’m still trying to figure out how to add photos, resize them, etc.  Hopefully before long I will get a hang of this new site and how it all works.  In the meantime, please be patient 🙂

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