A New Year, A New Blog!

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I’ve been thinking about switching from blogspot to wordpress and I figured with a new year approaching I would finally make the “official” move.  I mean, who doesn’t have free time to do something like this?  I only have a husband, two boys, a high maintenance dog, a lazy cat, a start-up business, a full time job and social media sites to keep up with.  Plus with the holidays right around the corner and the added stress of random sicknesses floating through our house, why not?!

I am reposting my last post to blogspot just to practice inserting photos……

Momma Needs Toh-fee!

Ryan has become accustomed to mommy and daddy needing coffee (toh-fee as Ryan calls it) each and every morning.  If I go up to his room in the morning he’ll say “Oh, hi mommy.  Daddy downstairs make you toh-fee?”
And then he’ll go to the top of the landing and look down into the kitchen and say “Morning daddy.  You make toh-fee?”
Well apparently the other morning momma must have been extra tired and maybe a little crabby so Ryan waited patiently for the coffee to be done.  He wasn’t taking any chances with how this day was going to go!

Ryan waiting for momma's coffee to be done

This kid has such a personality.  Seriously, he amazes us every single day. 
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