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So our rough week continued through the weekend.  Mommy got the flu!  Saturday I felt totally and completely fine – went Christmas shopping and played with the boys.  We even went over to some friends house for dinner on Saturday night (sorry Malinda!  I hope you guys didn’t end up sick from me!).  I felt totally fine the whole time.  Then we got home and I started not feeling well and within a few hours was throwing up with the flu.  Ugh!

The good thing about the flu that just made it’s way through our house was that it wasn’t too bad; it was very quick.  Owen, Ryan and I each got sick, but within 24 hours we were each fine and back to normal.  It didn’t completely wipe us out like it did some others who ended up in hospitals for IVs, etc.  We were lucky.  Just a quick case of the flu that took a week to make its rounds through the house.

So far we are back to ourselves and managing to stay healthy this week (minus the runny noses the boys have; I don’t count that anymore!).  Keep your fingers crossed that this new found “health” continues for awhile.  I’m done with the sicknesses for awhile.

Owen had his follow-up eye appointment this morning and all went really well.  We went back to original first eye doctor and he made us feel so reassured and good about everything.  He said that his eyes have changed and that the MRI was a good thing to do, but he’s not ready for surgery.  Yet.  He did say that Owen will no doubt be having surgery, but just not yet.  He still doesn’t feel that Owen fits into any specific category as it relates to his eye troubles and until he can get Owen into some category and give reason to what is going on and to stabilize it, he is going to continue to monitor, watch and measure his eyes.

We are now patching his weaker eye only for one hour per day for one week.  After the week is up then we go back to alternating eyes for one hour per day with a follow-up appointment after Christmas.

He also wants us to go back to our pediatrician and get a “clean bill of health” for our little guy.  He knows that he has a clean bill all along and the MRI showed nothing of concern; however, he specifically wants Dr. Beckford to check him based upon the eye issues and send him a clean record for Owen.  Whatever all that means, I’m not sure.  I tried not to get too freaked out about it since Owen actually has his 15 month appointment with Dr. Beckford scheduled for tomorrow.  Good timing huh?

So for now, we are still in waiting and monitoring mode.  And I’m fine with that.  And like I said earlier in the post, we do know that he will need surgery to correct this issue and we’re ok with that.  We just don’t know when this will all take place yet.  We will cross that bridge when it comes and in the meantime we will continue to not Google it.  So far so good; I’m holding strong on this one.

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