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Now that Owen’s MRI came back normal our next concern is dealing with the original eye issue that brought us to the MRI in the first place. The plan was that once we had the results of the MRI they wanted to move forward with the eye muscle surgery.

I have been stressed over all of this for weeks now and after receiving the results of the MRI, I decided to take Owen to his pediatrician for a consult. Unfortunately, our regular doctor is out for 2 weeks so we had to see yet a different doctor. We love her just as much, but right now I was looking for some consistency. Our regular doctor is the one who referred us to the original pediatric eye doctor who hurt his back which forced us to see the other eye doc.

Anyway, after meeting with her and voicing all my concern, confusion and stress I feel like we have a good plan to move forward with. She was concerned with the fact that Owen’s eye had gone from “lets monitor it” to “eye muscle surgery” in a six week period of time.

She wasn’t real familiar with the current eye doc we are seeing and her advise is that we cancel our follow up appointment on November 11 with him and wait for our original eye doc to be back and taking patients again. She didn’t even seem to care if it took a few months for this to happen. She said it wasn’t that urgent to be seen so quickly and to jump to surgery. 

She did say she wasn’t a specialist in this area and that she can’t advise if he does or does not need the surgery.  What she did say though was to go with whatever the original doctor suggests we do.  She said she is very confident and comfortable with his expertise and that he is one of the best pediatric eye doctors around.  She said that if he tells us that Owen needs surgery, we should move forward with it and if he suggests another method of treatment to go with that.

She said by getting yet another eye doctor involved in all of this it would just cloud our decision more and cause more confusion.  And again, we are at the best practice in Atlanta so why go elsewhere?

So that is our plan.  We are canceling our follow up on the 11th and rescheduling with the original doctor.  Whatever he tells us to do is what we will do.  That’s our plan and we’re sticking to it!  Once I have a date for that appointment, I will be sure to update everyone.  I have received many emails and phone calls regarding our little “O-wee” and I can’t thank you all enough for your thoughts and prayers. 

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  1. What a relief to have a plan in place – I'm sure that's easing your mind a bit. I'll be keeping your family in my prayers!

  2. Where do you live? There is a great doc at Seattle Children's Hospital who understands Mito. My 14 year old son Jack is having eye muscle issues. We are going to see at doc at Stanford and then proceed to Seattle.. Hang in there .Marie mariebwise@aol.com

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