Happy Halloween!

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What a fun month it’s been. We’ve had parades, festivals, parties and trick-or-treating nonstop it seems. This year Ryan was a fireman and Owen was a monkey and they absolutely loved dressing up and participating in all festivities.

Last night Ryan had an absolute blast trick or treating. He ran from house to house ringing doorbells and saying “trick-or-treat!!! Tate you! (aka Thank You)”
Owen chilled in the wagon and only went up to a house or two, but enjoyed from a distance cuddled under blankets and staying out of the rain.

After a short while trick or treating we headed over to our friends house in the neighborhood to chill and play. The kids had just as much fun handing out candy to the other trick or treaters as they did going from house to house themselves. Ryan would even say to the kids “What do you say? you say trick or treat.” He was so funny! And he didn’t even mind giving candy out from his own pumpkin bucket of candy that he collected himself.
But don’t attempt to take candy away from Owen! He loves his candy and does not want anyone touching it.

And now we’re on to November. Where did the year go?!

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  1. So cute! And I love the wagon…is that the two-seater?

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