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Call Me Crazy!

.I know our cruise is 3 weeks away, but I started to panic today that the next 3 weeks is going to fly by.  And so I started to pack already.  Since we aren’t using our shorts, tshirts, flipflops and swim suits right now, I figured why not pack them?! Plus I wasn’t sure what […]

Oh My Goodness!

.So lately Ryan has been saying “Oh my God!” alot.  I’m not sure where this came from because I don’t think Jim nor I say it (I’ve been paying extra attention over the last few days).  But Ryan has picked it up from somewhere and uses this statement a lot lately. Jim and I always […]

Santa Claus is Coming….

.….to our cruise ship this year.  That’s right.  In 3 weeks, we are heading for a tropical vacation and will be celebrating Christmas on a “ship boat” as Ryan likes to call it. We’ll see how I do with the whole non-traditional Christmas, but I am most certainly looking forward to this trip.  Aaaaahhhh…. I […]

Thanksgiving Number 3 (The Real One!)

.For Thanksgiving, we always go to Jim’s dads house in Big Canoe, Georgia.  I love it up there.  It is so peaceful and beautiful.  And filled with good company.  This year was no exception to that.  The entire family made it up there which meant 14 adults and 8 kids ranging in age from 1 […]

Thanksgiving Number 2

.Ryan invited mommy and daddy to have lunch with him at Woodchase Academy on Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving.  The whole class decorated the room and made special gifts for the parents.  Ms. April did an awesome job and the kids were so excited to have their parents be part of their Thanksgiving lunch.  It’s the […]

It's the Baby Vicks….Again!

.Ryan did it again.  You may remember about 6 months ago when I wrote about a very similar story (here).  Well, over the last few weeks Ryan hasn’t been quite as tired at nap time and has either been taking a really long time to fall asleep or not sleeping at all.  Well, today was […]

Best Kid EVER!

.Well, I haven’t received the gift yet, but I know it’s coming.  It has to be.  Ryan said so. Ryan and I read Elmo’s Night Before Christmas tonight before bed.  After reading the book, I asked Ryan a few questions to see what he knew about Santa and Christmas and what he didn’t know.  The […]

Our Blog is Moving!

.After over a year at blogspot, I decided to move our blog over to WordPress.  With a new year approaching I felt like we needed a new blog.  This blog will still remain up and active so you can always view the history and where we started with blogging, but now you can find us here. Or directly […]


.Daddy got the bath ready tonight and boy were there bubbles!  Bubbles were practically overflowing out of the tub there were so many.  And the squeals that came from the boys were confirmation that daddy was awesome!  They laughed and played and splashed tonight with NO toys in the tub.  Ryan did ask for some, […]

A New Year, A New Blog!

.I’ve been thinking about switching from blogspot to wordpress and I figured with a new year approaching I would finally make the “official” move.  I mean, who doesn’t have free time to do something like this?  I only have a husband, two boys, a high maintenance dog, a lazy cat, a start-up business, a full […]

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