Great News!!!

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We just received the results of Owen’s MRI and they said everything looks fine and there is nothing to be concerned with. What great news and a huge weight lifted from us.

Now we have to move on to the next issue which started this whole MRI path…. his eyes. We have our next follow up appointment on November 11th and will learn more about the surgery and scheduling of that. We have to determine between now and then whether or not we are going to be getting a second opinion or what our next step is to correct his eyes.

But for now, we are just jumping for joy that there is nothing to be concerned about with Owen’s brain. Other than the fact he’s a little genious of course!! He has been the most delightful little guy lately and changing/growing so much. He cracks us up on regular basis and is walking all over now. Him and Ryan have been best buds lately. They are so much fun together. Well, when Ryan doesn’t push Owen over and Owen isn’t biting Ryan. Other than those types of instances, they are so much fun!! Brotherly love…. LOL!
I promise I will do a blog post with some photos soon. 

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