Quick Owen Update….

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Everything went really well with Owen’s MRI yesterday. He was a little champ! Never ceases to amaze me. Well after they got the IV into him anyway. Jim was a little worried that Owen was going to bite the nurse!! They had a difficult time getting a vein and had to poke him a couple times. Owen was not happy.

Overall the day went well though and after the MRI we hung around the hospital a bit with Dad-Dad Jim and Grandmom Janice. We even had a quick visit with our neice Megan who is on day 9 of being at the hospital for an unexpected surgery. 

Now we have to wait 3-5 business days for the results so you can bet that I will start calling on Monday and every day there after until I hear the results.

I will post again once we have more information. In the meantime, mommy is enjoying some quality “Ryan & O-wee time” today. I took the day off and kept the boys out of school and we’re having a great day!

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