Awesome Moods Make For a Great Day!

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The boys were in such awesome moods today. They were so much fun and made us laugh so hard on several occassions. Owen is turning into a little ham lately and really starting to get a cute and fun personality.

His newest thing is to nod his head yes when asked a question. Today, I was stacking the books to bring some upstairs to each boy’s bedroom and Owen was about to knock a stack over so I said “no-no O-wee. No touch.” But of course he was determined to do so anyway so you knocked it over and looked at me. I said in a stearn voice “O-wee. Did mommy say no touch?” and much to my surprise he nodded his head yes and then gave my a pouty lip as if to say he knew he was in trouble. I couldn’t help but smile. He toddled over and gave me a hug. His version of hugging is to lay his head against you and say “aaaaag” Again, made me smile.

Ryan and Owen have started to play together so well over the last few weeks. They have so much fun together and laugh histerically all day long. If one leaves the room the other immediately goes looking for them. They are definitely the best of friends; we couldn’t have asked for more.

That of course is not saying they don’t fight, but the majority of the time they just absolutely love each other. Today in the car, Ryan said “Look mom. We’re holding hands.” I looked up in the mirror to see them in their own seats reaching across and holding hands with big grins on each boy’s face. Again, made me smile.

Oh, and Owen is now all over the house walking. Still a little unsteady, but has been practicing the turning around moves as well as bending over and picking stuff up off the floor. He’s definitely on the move on!

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  1. They are so lucky to have each other. I hope their friendship only grows stronger through time!

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