When Forced, We Have a Walker!

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It’s not his primary means of transportation yet, but Owen is finally walking! Since he’s much faster at crawling, he still prefers to do this; however, if we stand him up and let him go, he can walk across the room. He’s not real great at the turning and he’s not real steady yet, but he most certainly is walking.

We practiced alot at Piedmont Park today and he seemed to enjoy it alot. He even fell asleep on the stroller ride back to the car after our morning of family photos. Owen never falls asleep like that. I think it was a combination of the walking, the fresh air and that he’s developed a bit of a cold over the weekend.

You certainly wouldn’t know he’s not feeling well though. The kid is laughing and playing and his normal happy self. He’s just doing it all with a runny nose, cough and sneezing attacks.

He’s doing great at learning all of his animal sounds and now knows what the following animals say: sheep, puppy, lion, tiger, dinosaur, cow and horse. He’s also enjoying adding new words to his vocabulary on a daily basis. It’s so fun to watch him as he gets so excited and claps for himself when he does something new. And Ryan gets very excited for him too!

The two brothers have been playing together more and more and more each day. Owen loves to “attack” Ryan and will climb right on top of him and start wrestling. Ryan is much more of the passive, gentle one and Owen just piles on top of Ryan and smooshes him. But Owen does have a sweet to him as well and when you tell him to go hug Ryan he goes over to his big brother and leans his head against Ryan and says “Aaaaaag” which translates to hug.

I’ll be posting pictures from our family photo shoot at Piedmont Park in the next few days. I’m just waiting for the images from the photographer. But what I saw on his camera, they turned out awesome!!

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