Saturday Mornings…. Ahhhh….

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I have to admit. I LOVE Saturday mornings. I love not having to wake up to an alarm. Well, let me clarify. I love not having to wake up to the buzz of the alarm clock. We still have an alarm on our “off days” and his name is Owen. The kid doesn’t let us sleep past 7am or so, but as long as he wakes up in a good mood, I don’t mind.

This morning is no exception. Owen was up by 7am and we’ve cleaned the kitchen, had breakfast (French toast – yum!) and are now playing in the toyroom. Since the boys are playing so nicely together, mommy decided to enjoy her morning coffee while doing a quick blog post. Goodness knows my posts have been few and far between lately so I’m taking advantage of this “free” time.

Ryan is playing right next to me and is on his laptop (he said he needed to be like mommy!). Owen is practicing his walk. The boy still isn’t walking, but he’s getting close. As long as he is holding something he cruises all over, but for some reason will not take a step on his own. I think he can do it and is just playing us, but that’s ok. He’ll do it in his own time.

This morning I put an eye patch on Owen and Ryan said “Mama. I need eye patch too.” Mommy said “No, Ryan. You don’t need an eye patch. Everytime I give you one you take it off right away and then we waste them.” Ryan responded with “Mama. I NEED one. I play with my trash truck for TWO minutes and then daddy bring me an eye patch. It feel me better. I fix my eye and see better. Yes. I NEED eye patch in TWO minutes.”

Ryan’s two new things lately are “It feel me better” and “In TWO minutes” or sometimes it’s “In THREE minutes”

The “It feel me better” statements come in regard to anything. He needs the fan on in the bathroom because “it feels me better” or he needs juice because “it feel me better” or he needs to go outside because “it feels me better.” I don’t know when, how or why this started, but everything he wants seems to make him feel better.

I’m also not sure on how, when or why the “In TWO (or THREE) minutes” started either. In the mornings when we are getting dressed, he will tell me that he has to wear his pajama shirt for “TWO more minutes” and he’ll show me two fingers. When leaving for school he’ll tell me that he needs to be play for “THREE more minutes” and he’ll show me three fingers. This goes on and on throughout the day with everything. And sometimes, he’ll combine the two things and say “I need wear my shirt for TWO more minutes (and shows me two fingers) because it feel me better.” LOL!

Ok, the boys want to do an art project so we’re off to have some art fun on this chilly fall morning. And then it’s on to a home improvement project (remember me mentioning the hole in the kitchen ceiling?!??!) and hopefully a pumpkin patch later today.

And for all my northern friends – by chilly I mean in the 50’s. I don’t mean frost and freezing chilly 🙂

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  1. Isn't it great not having to set an alarm on the weekends? By great, I really mean, "Remember when you got to sleep in as long as you wanted??" Sounds like you had a great start to the day!

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