Another Talker!

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Owen is talking more and more each day. His favorite words at this point or “Mine” (nice huh?!), “Pup-pee!”, “Ra-ra” (for Ryan), “Mama”, “Dada”, “Deta” (for Delta), “Not” (story to come) and “Oh-oh”

The other day on the way home from school the boys were in rare form. Well actually I guess it’s their typical form since they act goofy all the time. For some reason we didn’t have the radio or DVD player on and the boys were both just in their seats laughing and talking and playing together.

About half way home, Ryan says “Mommy. O-wee and Ryan need to dance. We need music to dance.” This caught me offguard and when I looked up in the mirror Owen and Ryan are holding hands bopping their heads and carseat dancing.

So of course, I turn up the music and we start dancing!! The laughed histerically!

Then as we turn into the neighborhood, Ryan starts in on his famous “Not our house. Not our house. Not our house.” game as we drive down the hill past about 15 houses. And much to my surprise, I start hearing an additional “Not. NOt. Not.” coming from the backseat. Yep! Owen was joining in on this game and everytime Ryan said “Not our house.” Owen said “Not.”

I love my boys! They make me smile on a regular basis. And then never stop amazing me.

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