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Family Photos at Piedmont Park…

.We did a family photo shoot a few weeks ago at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. It was a great morning and the boys were in good moods. We managed to get quiet a few good shoots thanks to Jeff Franks (! Here are a few of my favorites….

Great News!!!

.We just received the results of Owen’s MRI and they said everything looks fine and there is nothing to be concerned with. What great news and a huge weight lifted from us. Now we have to move on to the next issue which started this whole MRI path…. his eyes. We have our next follow […]

Quick Owen Update….

.Everything went really well with Owen’s MRI yesterday. He was a little champ! Never ceases to amaze me. Well after they got the IV into him anyway. Jim was a little worried that Owen was going to bite the nurse!! They had a difficult time getting a vein and had to poke him a couple […]


.Owen has his MRI scheduled for 10am tomorrow morning. I am hopeful and confident it will all go well and the results will show nothing of concern. The actual MRI is going to take approximately 90 minutes and they have to put him under to do it. Please say an extra little prayer for our […]

Awesome Moods Make For a Great Day!

.The boys were in such awesome moods today. They were so much fun and made us laugh so hard on several occassions. Owen is turning into a little ham lately and really starting to get a cute and fun personality. His newest thing is to nod his head yes when asked a question. Today, I […]

What a Week. Seriously.

.I know I’ve been slacking on the updates lately. I looked back at my stats over the last few months and most months were 20+ updates, but September was only 8 and October so far is only 4. It’s not that I have wanted to update or haven’t thought about it, but man what a […]

When Forced, We Have a Walker!

.It’s not his primary means of transportation yet, but Owen is finally walking! Since he’s much faster at crawling, he still prefers to do this; however, if we stand him up and let him go, he can walk across the room. He’s not real great at the turning and he’s not real steady yet, but […]

S'more Fall Fun!

.We had perfect fall weather in Atlanta on Saturday so after naptime we were off to the pumpkin patch! We drove to Cagle’s Dairy Farm in Canton, Georgia and saw pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins! The boys were so excited when we got there and of course the first thing that Ryan wanted to do […]

Saturday Mornings…. Ahhhh….

.I have to admit. I LOVE Saturday mornings. I love not having to wake up to an alarm. Well, let me clarify. I love not having to wake up to the buzz of the alarm clock. We still have an alarm on our “off days” and his name is Owen. The kid doesn’t let us […]

Another Talker!

.Owen is talking more and more each day. His favorite words at this point or “Mine” (nice huh?!), “Pup-pee!”, “Ra-ra” (for Ryan), “Mama”, “Dada”, “Deta” (for Delta), “Not” (story to come) and “Oh-oh” The other day on the way home from school the boys were in rare form. Well actually I guess it’s their typical […]

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