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Last weekend we packed up the kids and headed to Piedmont Park for an afternoon of sliding, swinging and running around. Delta was so-so sad that she wasn’t invited since this is her most favorite place in the world. I felt bad we weren’t bringing her, but it’s just so much work to chase after a 2 1/2 year old, entertaining a 1 year old and then having to keep a busy inquisitive dog who has a lot of energy.

So we were off without Delta (sorry Delta!). What a great afternoon at the park. Ryan spend some time sliding and running around with all the other kids at the park, while Owen hung out on the blanket eating snacks and people watching. He is taking notes so he can start running on his own soon!

After playing at the playground we headed over to the green area to kick our ball and run. Owen even took part in this action and was busy walking around (with help from mommy) trying to keep up with big brother.

If you’ve talked to me in the last few weeks you’ve probably heard me complain about how uber crabby Owen has been. He is still his sweet and snuggly self until he doesn’t get his way and then he screams and throws a temper tantrum and bites. Oh and it hurts!! Both Ryan and I have been sporting around some bruises due to Owen’s new biting habit. Daddy has escaped the bites, but it’s just a matter of time.
I’ve been thinking this ‘stage’ is a combination of being ready to walk and wanting to talk (not knowing how to express himself) and teething. Well just the other day I happen to look in his mouth and the poor little guy is getting not only another front tooth, but a back molar also! Ok, little O-wee, you have every right to be cranky!!
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