Another Trip to the Zoo!

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If you haven’t noticed we LOVE going to the zoo. We go several times a month and definitely get use out of our annual passes.

This particular trip was from a few weeks ago, but since my brand new DELL studio XPS isn’t working properly, it’s been tough to keep up with the blog. Funny that I can manage a full time job, 2 children, a husband, dog, cat and a start up side business, but my computer keyboard goes bad and that is what holds up the new updates. It’s definitely going to be hard to get back into the routine of everything when this computer finally gets fixed or better yet – replaced!
But back to the day at the zoo.
It was another great Saturday morning visiting with the animals. Ryan’s favorite is the flamingos (or as he calls them “MINGOS!”) and I have absolutely no idea why. They just stand there and don’t do anything, but since it’s Ryan’s favorite we also stand there and do nothing for quite some time before we can convince him to move on.
On this Saturday morning, the ostriches were causing trouble and were running really fast (had no idea they were that quick!) and would nudge the giraffes. Then the giraffes would start running to get away from the ostriches. Just as the giraffes would slow down again there would be an ostrich nudging it again. Once the ostriches got bored with the giraffes they moved on to the zebras. It was hilarious to see everyone running around like crazy.

However, this did not entertain Ryan at all and he requested to go back to the MINGOS! Go figure.
We side-tracked him and went to check out the lions, gorillas and chimpanzees instead.
As always, another great trip to the Atlanta zoo!
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  1. I love the action at the zoo…how fun that you guys were there to see the ostriches bullying everyone! I must be way behind on things…what side-business are you doing?

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