Barnyard Friends….

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I’ve talked about this Little People Barn in this post, but boy has it become a favorite in our house! Both Ryan and Owen love playing with it. They play and play and play with it. And they will actually play together with only a little bit of fighting and biting. Yes, our little man O-wee is a biter. But he really only bites Ryan and mommy which is odd. He has never bitten anyone at school and he never bites daddy, but boy can he take a chunk out of Ryan and mommy.

Owen also now knows several animal sounds. He knows what a cow says, a sheep and a puppy dog. And everytime he responds to one of the questions “O-wee? What does a sheep say?” with “Baaaaa” he then immediately starts clapping wanting us to say “Yah O-wee!”
Such a cutie pie! Sweet, sweet (biting) O-wee!
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  1. Oh boy, Ava's also a biter, however, she's been targeting the other daycare kids. I'm glad we're not going through this alone – any hints on how to make it stop???

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