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We tried to do a little photo shoot in the messy toy room the other day with ragmuffin looking kids (messy hair and no pants on Owen). Seriously what were we thinking?!

To get the kids to sit still next to each other without tears and pushing and squirming, we gave them each a lollipop. Well, Owen thought this was the greatest thing ever. Seriously ever!

Ryan was in a particularly good mood over the weekend and even offered Owen a lick of his lollipop. Yes, I did say that correctly. Offered him a lick. We did not ask him to. We did not beg him to. We did not even have to prompt it. Ryan offered Owen a lick all on his own. “O-wee? You need yick (aka lick)? Here you go. Yick it!”

But then of course when the lollipop stick started getting mushy and soft and the lollipop started getting too small, mommy attempted to take it away. Yeah, that didn’t go so well…… so while mommy ran to get something else to make up for the missing lollipop, daddy kept taking photos…. nice!

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  1. I love the succession of photos where you can see Owen start to meltdown…priceless!

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