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The Floods of Georgia….

.It’s been a crazy and raining past few weeks in Georgia. Thank you to all who have been concerned about us and have reached out to make sure we are safe. It’s nice to know that we are in your thoughts and prayers. However, we are some of the fortunate ones here in Atlanta and […]

Spaghetti Night in the Yahres House!

. The spaghetti and Owen probably don’t need much explanation, but I’m guessing you’re wondering about the eye patch. Well, Owen’s left eye is a little weaker than his right so we have to patch one eye per day for one hour and each day we switch which eye we patch in order to make […]

Awareness for Mitochondrial Disease & UMDF – A SUCCESS!

.What a great night at the Atlanta Braves Game supporting UMDF. It has been raining for a week straight now with very cloudy, grey, icky skies. Well last night was absolutely gorgeous! Around 3pm the rain stopped, the sun came out and the night was as perfect as we could ever have imagined. And now […]

Piedmont Park…

. Last weekend we packed up the kids and headed to Piedmont Park for an afternoon of sliding, swinging and running around. Delta was so-so sad that she wasn’t invited since this is her most favorite place in the world. I felt bad we weren’t bringing her, but it’s just so much work to chase […]

Another Trip to the Zoo!

.If you haven’t noticed we LOVE going to the zoo. We go several times a month and definitely get use out of our annual passes. This particular trip was from a few weeks ago, but since my brand new DELL studio XPS isn’t working properly, it’s been tough to keep up with the blog. Funny […]

Mommy Slacker… AGAIN!

.We got some great pictures of the boys over the last few weeks and will definitely post them with some blog updates just as soon as my computer gets fixed. Keyboard doesn’t work properly making it extremely difficult to type too much. And the computer is only 2 months old. So frustrated.But don’t worry, I’ll […]

Barnyard Friends….

.I’ve talked about this Little People Barn in this post, but boy has it become a favorite in our house! Both Ryan and Owen love playing with it. They play and play and play with it. And they will actually play together with only a little bit of fighting and biting. Yes, our little man […]


. We tried to do a little photo shoot in the messy toy room the other day with ragmuffin looking kids (messy hair and no pants on Owen). Seriously what were we thinking?! To get the kids to sit still next to each other without tears and pushing and squirming, we gave them each a […]

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