Who Doesn't Love Bubbles?

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They are sticky, colorful and exciting! Who doesn’t love them?!

While at the Grant Park Festival on Saturday, one of the tents gave Ryan a little container of bubbles. Ryan was completely ecstatic over this and immediately needed to open it up and start blowing bubbles.
Unfortunately, they were those cheap little containers with teeny tiny little bubble sticks and for a 2 year old, it’s really hard to actually make any bubbles. And since Ryan is one of these 2 year olds who also happens to be going through “I can do it myself momma.” stages, I was fearful that this little game was going to quickly turn into a meltdown. After all it was lunch time and nap time AND the sun was starting to get really, really hot.
But nope. No meltdowns. The very determined little 2 year old just kept blowing and blowing and blowing and when he’d get even a teeny tiny little bubble he would get so excited and scream “Oh yook!!! A bubble! O-wee you see the bubble? I make a bubble for you!” and then he’d go back to blowing more and more and more until yet another teeny tiny bubble.

You have to give the boy credit for being so determined. And when we got home we tried again to make some bubbles. And again, Ryan just sat very patiently trying so hard to blow even just one bubble.
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