Momma Has Gone Crazy!

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I set up our big jumphouse in the toyroom! That’s what happens when mommy has a furlough day and is stuck in the house with two kids all day long because it’s too hot to jump outside.
The conversation started like this:
Momma: “Ryan, do you want to jump?”
Ryan: “YES!!! I need to jump, jump, jump momma!”
Momma: “Ok Ryan! Lets clean up the toy room and we’ll set it up in there.”
Ryan: “Oh no momma! You can’t jump, jump, jump in toy room. I need to jump, jump, jump outside.”
Momma: “No, Ryan. I think if we clean up the toy room and move some things, we can fit it in here and jump inside. It’s too hot out.”
Ryan (in a hesitant voice): “Oh-tay momma. I clean up. (in a sing songy voice) Clean up, clean up, everybody do their share.”
While cleaning up the toy room, Ryan still didn’t seem to believe me that we could jump in the house. But when the room was all picked up and the jump house was spread out, we plugged it in and started to inflate it, Ryan jumped up and down exclaiming “Momma! Momma! Yook!! It fits! We jump in toy room! O-wee yook! We jump in toy room. Too hot outside.”

And after about 45 minutes of jumping and laughing and jumping some more we deflated the jump house and decided to rehydrate and have a snack.
Not sure how soon again we’ll set it up in the toy room, but it sure was fun!
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  1. We sing the clean up song too! It really helps keep Max focused even if he is too little to really get it yet.

  2. Brilliant plan! Thank goodness it fit…!

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