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I picked Ryan up for school yesterday and he had his first “naughty” daily report card. Most every day the teachers say how great and wonderful he is and what a good listener. Well not yesterday.

When I picked him up Ms. April said he wasn’t a very good listener at circle time and actually sassed back to her when she told him that he had to put a truck away and come get ready for circle time. His actual response was “No. I don’t WANT to. Not right now.”

So mommy had a little talk with Ryan and asked him if he was naughty. And he knew he was “I no yisten to April. I say NO!”

Mommy told Ryan he couldn’t watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that night. Once in awhile I will let him sit and watch an episode while I cook dinner, but since he was naughty there was no Mickey Mouse.

While eating dinner the conversation went like this:

Ryan: “Momma? I need watch Mickey Mouse.”
Mom: “Were you a good listener at school today?”
Ryan: “No. I say no April. I no yisten.”

Mom: “And so we don’t get to watch Mickey Mouse tonight right?”
Ryan: “Yah. No Mickey Mouse.”

Ryan thought for a bit and then continued:

Ryan: “Momma? O-wee good listener. O-wee need watch Mickey Mouse.”
Mom: “Oh really? Owen was a good listener so HE needs to watch Mickey Mouse?”
Ryan (with a huge smile!): “Yes!! O-wee teacher not say O-wee no listen so O-wee need watch Mickey Mouse! Yes! O-wee need Mickey Mouse!”

Mom: “Nice try Ryan.”
Ryan: “Oh.”

Seriously, I have to give the kid credit. How creative was that?!

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