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Now that you know a little about Mitochondrial Disease (remember my post a few months ago?) you can show your support by attending an Atlanta Brave’s game on September 18 at 7:30pm. All you have to do is purchase tickets through UMDF and a portion of your ticket purchase is tax deductible.

Why not enjoy a fun filled Friday evening at a Brave’s game while supporting UMDF? If we sell 400 tickets, the Brave’s will provide us with a pre-gathering on the Right Field Patio where an Atlanta Braves player will take photos with families and volunteers; a parade around the field before the game begins and of course the Friday night fireworks presented by Publix.

Wouldn’t it feel good to be part of something that can help so many families who are affected by Mito?

Upper level tickets are $16 per ticket; Lower level tickets are $27 per ticket. This is the same price you would expect to pay for tickets if they were purchased directly from the Braves. The difference with these tickets is that a portion of the ticket price goes directly to UMDF. So if you decide to attend the game in the lower level the tickets will cost $27 each. But $9 of each ticket purchased through UMDF goes directly to Mito! So that means that this portion of the ticket is tax deductible. Just think about it, you get to attend a great baseball game, watch fireworks after the game and meet a Braves player all while supporting UMDF. I just don’t know how you could turn that down.

Please help us reach our goal of selling 400 tickets! We really need to build this awareness for Mito and this is a fantastic opportunity to do just that. But we can’t do it without you.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit: http://www.bravesmitonight.com/

We have another event the following week, Music for Megan & Mito Fest that you don’t want to miss. Learn more here.

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