Dr. Ryan James Yahres….

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What is Owen laughing at you ask?

Dr. Ryan James Yahres of course!

We’ve all been his patient this week. So has Delta as well as his white bear, puppy dog and every other stuffed or plastic animal that he finds around the house.

“Momma. I need check your heart with my stefsoap (aka stethoscope).”

“You need shot?”

Ummmmm…. if that truly is a question, then my response is “no” but it usually is quickly followed by a shot and the words “No hurt. See momma. No hurt.”

Owen, the little birthday boy has also been a patient of Ryan’s this week. Luckily he is a good sport about it and finds humor in his big brother!

Hopefully, he laughs today at his real one year well check today with Dr. Beckford.
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