The Birthday Party!

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There were burgers and hot dogs and chips with dips and friends and family. What a great day! Owen’s birthday party was so much fun with very well behaved kids (and adults!) and sunshine and laughter.

All of Owen’s little friends were there to help him celebrate his first birthday. The theme of the party was supposed to be an art party and we were definitely prepared for some art! However, with the weather as nice as it was the party almost immediately moved outside into the backyard with some jumping and sliding and playing. Grandma Ellie pitched in for the new jump house and all the kids seemed to enjoy it! Don’t be fooled by the photo with no kids in it since it was taken pre-party.

Owen LOVED his cake and couldn’t wait to dig right in. Yum! Bring on the frosting! Owen did a little art project on his arms, face, hair and belly and did a great job painting it all RED.

The kids did enjoy a little inside time with a few little art projects here and there. Ryan and Owen were found off on their own playing together just as brothers do. How sweet that even in crowds they stick together.

And this is the closest we have come to a family picture since Owen was born. Sad, I know. And then the one time we actually get a photo, neither of the boys are looking at the camera. Go figure.

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