Owen's Big Boy Table….

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For Owen’s birthday, Grandad Jim & Grandmom Janice got Owen a Little Tikes picnic table. We all figured it would be a little big for O-wee and he wouldn’t be able to sit at it just yet. But we figured he’d grow into it and the boys would love sitting at the table together.

Boy were we wrong!

Owen absolutely positively loves his new picnic table! Daddy set it up in the toy room and we put Owen on the bench with a bunch of little people toys on the table part. Owen laughed and squeeled and giggled as he played at his “big boy table” with Ryan.

He sat very well as if he had been doing this for months rather than just minutes. The best part is as he sat there with his legs hanging down (still too short to touch the floor), he would swing his legs back and forth. So cute! Just don’t think of taking my toys from me big brother!

Needless to say we are all very thankful to Grandad & Grandmom! What a great 1st birthday gift for our little O-wee. And even Ryan (with a fresh red kool-aid smile) hugs Owen as if it say “Thanks for having a birthday O-wee!”

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