Happy First Birthday O-wee!

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One year ago we were anxious to meet our new little man. Momma couldn’t wait to not have this squirmy (big!), kicking (big!), moving (big!), wiggly (big!) baby inside of her. Momma was ready to hold this little man in her arms and snuggle with that pink newborn, fresh smelling bundle of love.

Owen was born mid afternoon and weighed in at 9 pounds 5 ounces. Seriously! I did mention “big” several times above. He came very quickly and only in about 2 pushes. Momma’s water was broken around 11am and Owen arrived around 2pm. Seriously quick. Thank goodness too!

And now, a year later, here we are trying to catch that little bundle of love who is constantly on the move! He has the most heart melting pouty lip and a smile that lights up. He is our blondey boy with a personality all his own. He knows how to melt everyone he meets with his shy little smile and huge blue eyes.
We started O-wee’s birthday with mommy & Ryan singing “happy birthday” as we came into his room. I don’t think he liked that idea much. He cried. So we stopped.

Then for afternoon snack at school momma brought mini cupcakes to celebrate with his friends and of course big brother came down to his room to help eat the cupcakes. Mommy forgot the camera so just picture in your head 12 little 1 year olds smearing cupcakes and frosting all over their faces, arms, clothes, hair, table, floor, etc.
And for dinner the fun continued with spaghetti. As long as we were on the road to messiness, we might as well go all the way! By the end, he was in tears again. I think he was just wanting us to finally bring out the cake.
And yes, no birthday celebration would be complete without yet another birthday cake!! Ryan was absolutely thrilled to sing “happy birthday O-wee” yet again. And both boys were thrilled to have more sugar, frosting and cake! Oh, and I have no idea why Ryan isn’t wearing a shirt….

PS – Happy birthday to cousin Arlo and friend Emma too! All three kiddos share the same birthdate (same year). Uncle Tom and cousin Tom also share the same birthday. What a great day for everyone!
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