Daddy Equals Food

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Owen equates daddy with food. When he sees daddy with a bowl or plate, Owen kicks it into high gear and beelines after daddy whining all the way.

It only took a few times for daddy to realize he needs to add a little extra cereal to his bowl in the morning because our little champ O-wee sure can eat.

As soon as daddy sits down on the floor with the cereal, Owen is right there with his mouth wide open. Mind you he probably just finished eating his own breakfast, but that doesn’t matter. He always has room for some of daddy’s breakfast too.
Seriously, have I said how much this kid can eat?! He will eat about twice the amount of Ryan at any given mealtime. He eats 2 hotdogs, yogurt and several slices of cheese for lunch. Ryan might finish 1 hotdog and that’s it. And while Owen is a big boy, he’s not that big. He’s between 50 a 75th percentile for weight which is where Ryan was at this age too.
Don’t hold out on me daddy! I know there is more in there…..
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