Ryan's a Big Boy!

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Becoming a “big boy” has been a huge achievement for Ryan. He talks about it nonstop and adds it to just about every sentence.

“Momma. I need dinasours because I’m a big boy. Uh-huh. I’m a big boy!”


“Momma. I need put my ban-ket in my big boy bed.”


“Momma. I go pee-pee potty because I’m a big boy. O-wee still baby. O-wee one. I two! I a big boy.”
and the list goes on….but boy is he proud of himself. The other day I told him that Owen is turning one soon and that he was becoming a big boy too. Ryan freaked out over this statement and through tears I hear “No momma. I big boy! O-wee a baby!!”

Poor O-wee. I guess he’s just going to have to remain momma’s baby!

Aside for now being fully potty trained (which he is so proud of!! And so are we!!), Ryan’s favorite big boy achievement has been his big boy bed. He absolutely loves it and tells everybody that he has a big boy bed. Just look at the proud smile on this boy’s face….

Yes, in the background of the photo you do see most of the toyroom in his bed with him. Each night he insists on a new toy being added to the pile and I just can never talk him out of moving some of them out. I tried to sneak a few out the other night and sure enough! He noticed and requested that the white bear with a diaper be brought back in. I just love that boy! Such the personality on him.

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