Tornado O-wee!

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That’s what we call him. And boy does he live up to the name. As soon as daddy and Ryan build a lego garage, O-wee comes through and topples it over.
Or when daddy and Ryan line up all the matchbox cars, O-wee just crawls right over them.

Quite often I will hear this shout from Ryan coming from the toy room “O-wee! No break daddy’s garage!”

Or this warning from daddy “Here comes tornado O-wee! Watch out Ryan!”

And Owen just laughs as he crawls right over the legos, cars and little people.

Truthfully, Owen just wants so badly to be a part of the fun. Little brother doesn’t want to be left out!

He tries so hard to be one of the big boys. Just look how cute he is when he’s trying to be a part of the action. He has even started to make the car sounds “zzzzzzzzzzzooooooooo” (for zoom, zoom) and “chchchchchchch” for the sound of a helicopter. He even knows the difference and will “fly” the helicopter around in the air, but knows to put the cars and trucks on the floor and push them. I love seeing how he is developing his personality and imagination.

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