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Well, actually I’m just annoyed with DELL and not exactly a slacker. Plus I’ve been so extremely busy over the last few weeks that it’s been difficult to find a time to post anything. We haven’t really even taken any photos lately. That’s sad. I know. It disappoints me actually because taking photos of my boys and posting blogs is one of my favorite stress relievers. It’s my time to reflect on what we’ve been doing; how much the boys have grown; and how much they have changed.

But, we’ve been busy. There have been birthday parties to go to. BBQs to be eaten. Lawn work to be done. Plus Ryan got sick with a fever last week and now mommy isn’t feeling well. Oh, and this silly little problem with my laptop keyboard which makes posting to our blog extremely difficult and frustrating. Yes, when I type letters, they just don’t appear on the screen. I’ve been told it’s a known fact with this particular DELL laptop and while they do have a “fix” for me, it’s one that involves alot of frustration. DELL wants us to reinstall the software to factory settings which means that it will go back to exactly the same way it was when we bought it. Yes, that means that all software we have added since then will need to be reinstalled and reformatted to the settings we like. We have to back up all of our saved files to an external hard drive and I have to recreate all my website favorites, etc. Seriously, can you say frustrating? It took about 3 days to get the laptop up and functional to the way we wanted it with all appropriate settings completed and software installed, etc. And now we have to do it all over again.

AND….. this may not even fix the issue. They think it will fix it, but can’t be sure. There words were to try it and see and if it doen’t work, they will come up with a new plan. Annoying.

I do realize this isn’t a life and death situation and we don’t have medical adjustments to make and drugs to tweak. Trust me, I absolutely realize this is small in comparison to what others go through. Especially MckMama who I follow via twitter and her blog. I cannot, absolutely cannot imagine what she goes through with baby Stellan. I have teared up many times over the last week reading about Stellan and his most recent hospital stay. But, I’m happy to report that he is doing wonderfully the last few days and it looks like they may even be heading home from the hospital soon.

So yes. I get it that my laptop is minor in comparison, but it doesn’t change the fact that posting to our blog is extremely difficult and typically doesn’t provide the same stress relief that it normally does. I typically want to throw this darn computer out by the end of a post.

I will share quickly that Ryan has been completely potty trained (except for night time) for about a month or so already. He does great and rarely has any accidents! What a big boy!

Owen is starting to cruise now and is walking behind his push toys as well. He is still a bit hesitant, but after Pace was here last weekend, he decided he couldn’t be shown up by someone 2 weeks younger than him! And he’s been moving ever since. It’s funny what can motivate an almost one year old.

Owen will be turning one on August 13. Where in the world has the last year gone?!

Again, sorry for the delay in posts. Hopefully though, we’ll be back on track soon. And with some big exciting news to share as well…. stay tuned for more to come shortly!!

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