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Who Doesn't Love Bubbles?

.They are sticky, colorful and exciting! Who doesn’t love them?! While at the Grant Park Festival on Saturday, one of the tents gave Ryan a little container of bubbles. Ryan was completely ecstatic over this and immediately needed to open it up and start blowing bubbles. Unfortunately, they were those cheap little containers with teeny […]

Momma Has Gone Crazy!

. I set up our big jumphouse in the toyroom! That’s what happens when mommy has a furlough day and is stuck in the house with two kids all day long because it’s too hot to jump outside. The conversation started like this: Momma: “Ryan, do you want to jump?” Ryan: “YES!!! I need to […]

Can You Guess?

.Can you guess which is the monkey in this picture?? Take your time…. I know it’s tough!PS – More about our zoo adventure coming soon in another post!

Love This Kid!

. The other day Ryan asked me “Mom? Can I clean?” My response “Um…. of course!” So Ryan got the mop out and went to town on the house. Daddy shrunk the handle down to “Ryan size” so he could easily maneuvre through the house and Ryan seriously pushed that mop around all day long. […]

Watch out! Owen's Blogging!

.Since mommy’s been slacking on the blog lately, Owen thought he would take matters into his own hands and decided to grab Ryan’s Little Tike laptop and update the blog on his own. Plus he wanted the post to be “all about Owen!”Go O-wee! Way to take matters into your own hands!


.How fun is this? Go to Wordle and put in a bunch of keyword and see what comes up!

Dinner Table Conversations….

.I picked Ryan up for school yesterday and he had his first “naughty” daily report card. Most every day the teachers say how great and wonderful he is and what a good listener. Well not yesterday.When I picked him up Ms. April said he wasn’t a very good listener at circle time and actually sassed […]

I Need a Favor and You Can Help…

.Now that you know a little about Mitochondrial Disease (remember my post a few months ago?) you can show your support by attending an Atlanta Brave’s game on September 18 at 7:30pm. All you have to do is purchase tickets through UMDF and a portion of your ticket purchase is tax deductible. Why not enjoy […]

Dr. Ryan James Yahres….

.What is Owen laughing at you ask? Dr. Ryan James Yahres of course! We’ve all been his patient this week. So has Delta as well as his white bear, puppy dog and every other stuffed or plastic animal that he finds around the house. “Momma. I need check your heart with my stefsoap (aka stethoscope).” […]

The Birthday Party!

. There were burgers and hot dogs and chips with dips and friends and family. What a great day! Owen’s birthday party was so much fun with very well behaved kids (and adults!) and sunshine and laughter. All of Owen’s little friends were there to help him celebrate his first birthday. The theme of the […]

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