Mac & Cheese….

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It’s a favorite in our household. It doesn’t matter what time of day or for what meal I ask Ryan “What would you like for breakfast today?” His response is always “Mac Cheese!” with the biggest smile you have ever seen. And he gives a bashful little shrug of the shoulders with the smile because he knows he won’t get mac & cheese for breakfast.

Mommy: “Silly! You know you can’t have mac cheese for breakfast.”
Ryan (in question format): “hot dog?”
Mommy: “Goofy! No hot dogs either. How about about pancakes?”
Ryan: “Yesssss! Pancakes! O-wee, you want pancakes?”
And before Owen can response, Ryan will add: “Yeah, yeah you do.”
Well I think Owen is following in his brothers footsteps because he absolutely loves mac and cheese too! He was shoveling it into his mouth.

Look how excited he is with daddy’s choice for dinner….
And of course, since most of the mac & cheese ended up on O-wee, it required an immediate bath following dinner. What didn’t end up in Owen or on Owen ended up on the floor which made Delta about the happiest dog ever.

Great night for everyone! Except mommy who was working late and at a meeting till bedtime. Good thing mommy likes her job.
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