Ryan's New Puppy!

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Since our last few trips to Big Canoe, Ryan is obsessed with his little toy puppy. He absolutely loved Grandad & Grandmom’s dogs (especially Jasper) and now treats his puppy like their doggies.

Ok, so his new puppy isn’t real, but it’s so cute to see what good care he takes of “puppy”. Throughout the day he will take puppy for walks around the house and will take him to the back door and tell me “Momma. Puppy need go outside. Puppy need go poop up hill.” and then smile a big ol’ Ryan smile. So, so cute!

Yes, we constantly tell Delta to go up the hill and go poop. Ryan has now taken to saying this as well. It could be worse I guess.

Over the weekend I came into the toy room to find Ryan sitting on the couch reading to his puppy. And he will even hold the book up and show puppy the pictures “See puppy. See car. Puppy need see car.”

And just like our Delta, Ryan’s little puppy isn’t perfect either. The other day Ryan came in the kitchen and announced “Puppy naughty. Puppy need go time out.” and sure enough, I peeked over at Ryan’s time-out spot and there sat puppy.

The best was when Ryan felt like time-out should be done, he went and got puppy and brought him over to me and told puppy “Puppy. You need say sorry momma. Sorry for being naughty.”

Seriously, this kid cracks me up. I just love him so much! What a personality.

Puppy has also started sleeping in bed with Ryan. Each night Ryan brings puppy upstairs and places him on his own pillow. Ryan will even give puppy one of his favorite silky blankets and cover him up so he’s cozy and snuggly. After mommy or daddy read stories to Ryan, Owen & puppy, Ryan will then say “I need read to puppy.” and he will lay in bed and read a book or two to puppy. Again, full with the questions and picture showing. So cute.
He is such a caring little boy. Always concerned about others and is such a little helper. Puppy is really lucky to have such a great little owner. Seriously we couldn’t ask for better little guys than our Ryan and our Owen. Delta on the other hand…. she’s trouble 🙂
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