Happy Fourth of July!

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The weather was beautiful and the boys were in great moods! We were off to Big Canoe for the day to spend it with Grandad, Grandmom, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. What a perfect day that lay ahead.

Ryan was so excited to see Megan and Tyler and Colin and Josh. We were the first to arrive and so every time he heard a noise in the house he’d jump up and say “oh momma. Megan here!” and my response was always “No honey. Megan’s not here yet, but she will be soon.”

Poor Ryan fell asleep waiting patiently for his little cousins to arrive, but boy was he excited to see everyone when he woke up.

We hit the pool and had a great time! Big Canoe has an awesome kids area with shallow water (a foot deep) and a bunch of the sprayer things to run through. I would have pictures to post on the blog IF we would have remember to bring the camera to the pool. However, we didn’t and therefore I have nothing to show in regard to the fun we had.

Since we mention Big Canoe often, I thought I would include this link here so you could see for yourself what a cool area it is and why we enjoy spending time up there with Grandad and Grandmom.

After alot of swimming, splashing, laughing and ball throwing, we packed it up and headed back to the house for some more family time and BBQ. Yum!
And as you can see dessert included chocolate frosted cupcakes. Ryan thoroughly enjoyed his and we didn’t have to remind him even once to finish it. Unlike dinner and other meal which takes about 40 reminders to “finish eating Ryan.” Nope, no reminder when it came to the cupcakes.

Owen also enjoy a few tastes of mommy’s and as you can see he also thoroughly enjoyed each bite of it. He would have easily eaten the entire thing if I would have let him.
And when I didn’t let him, this is the look he gave us which was accompanied by a yell. Yep, Mr. Impatient.
Just for the record, Ryan never had anything like this prior to turning one. And rarely got things like this even after that. Owen on the other hand eats everything. It doesn’t seem to matter what it is; he wants it.

After dinner the kids all played legos together with no fights or arguing. They had a great time building towers and cars and such.

Ryan has been talking about his day since we got home. He really enjoyed spending time with his cousins. If only we did it more often…..
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